Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does work?
You, your managers, or administrative assistant/office coordinator enter data such as when an employee called out, was late, worked on overtime, or was disciplined. Then you can retrieve very useful reports that will help you manage your staff. Housekeeping managers are also able to enter room inspection results and the number of rooms cleaned or not by each room attendant. They can then retrieve reports on the most common defects, the best and worst performing room attendants, etc…
2. How useful is it really? will help you manage your staff, will save you time and free you up to do the things you really need to do. With HotelManagerOnline, you can find out in one click how many times an employee has been late, or called out, or disciplined, or worked on overtime. You can find out what are the main causes of overtime, tardiness or call outs. You will be able to identify the most common room cleanliness defects and therefore improve your room cleanliness.
3. How much does it cost?
$129 per year. If you’re not satisfied (which we seriously doubt), you will receive a full refund. One month before your subscription renewal is due, we will send you an email, to ask you if you want to continue using our services and pay for a new one year subscription.
4. Will my information be safe?
Once you sign up and choose a username and password, you can give that username and password to anyone you want to have access to the website. Only these people will see the information you have entered and the reports.
5. Can I modify the room inspection form?
Yes, you can create an entire new form and assign a number of points for each defect. However, our standard form is quite standard and should work for most properties. On the standard form, you can also add 3 "Other defects" and enter the number of points you believe the room attendant should be penalized.
6. Do I need to fully complete all forms if I don't need all the reports?
No. For example, if you are not interested in the birthday or anniversary reports, or who authorized overtime, or work performance statistics; simply don’t enter the information.
7. What if I have more questions?
You can email us at or click on the Contact Us link.