will help you conduct effective room cleanliness inspection programs, improve your guest rooms cleanliness, and save some time on administrative tasks.

Set Up

Enter basic employees information on the website.1

Design your own inspection checklist (or use our standard one).


Conduct room cleanliness inspections using a standard or customised inspection sheet.

Record Results

Through a smart phone, tablet, or on paper.2

Get Reports

Obtain various reports at the click of a mouse.

Click here to see all available reports.


Identify key problems.

Re-train, discipline, or reward staff.

1 You only need to enter employees' names (see our Privacy and Security policies), no personal details (although you may want to enter employees' birthdays and employment start dates, we think they would love to receive birthday wishes from you!)

2 If you record the room inspection results on paper, these results then need to be entered on the website by you or us! (please contact us for more details on this additional service).

Keep track of attendance records, overtime hours, extra payments, and disciplinary actions.

Hotel Manager Online is not limited to guest rooms cleanliness.

We can help you keep track employees' attendance records, overtime and any extra payments to employees, so that you can discipline and reward your employees fairly, minimize employees' complaints (and associated costly litigation), and even take the mystery out of Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year nominations!

"Makes the complete internal staff administration easy and gives you required information with one click."
(Barbara Seller, Sheraton Gambia)

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